Why us - Authentic South Indian Food in Pune

We hand pick the premium quality ingredients like Dal & Rice from the selective sources in Tamilnadu, which is more suitable for Idli, Idiyappam & Sambar and also gives you the mouth watering original south Indian cuisine in Pune. We follow different proportion of Dal and rice for batter, for every change in source and harvesting time, to ensure smooth and soft Idli & Idiyappam. Sambar is our speciality, we use special onions called sambar onion and don’t overcook vegetables to preserve the nutrients.

Our next strength is chutneys; in our cuisine you can taste variety of chutneys like Coconut chutney, Tomato chutney, Special onion chutney, Dal chutney, Groundnut chutney, etc. In addition we can prepare Vadacurry from a delicious south indian cuisine and Podi oil mix for Idli and dosa. The oil mixed with Dal powder is a pure extract from Til (sesame) in a conventional type, enriched in nutrients.

The other speciality in our cuisine is multigrain Dosa, where the batter made from 5 different dals in different proportions. To give you a fibre rich breakfast we give you a special Ragi dosa and Ragi idiyappam. Next in our cuisine is special Dal vada from mouth watering south indian recipe served with coconut chutney. We use oils derived from seeds & don’t reuse the oils and your health is our main concern.

Who are we ?, About us

I am Mrs.Gayathri, a housewife from Balewadi, founder of your “Chennaii Menu ”. I was a software engineer by profession & cooking is my hobby. I acquired my cooking skills from my grandma, who is an expert in preparing traditional south indian dishes without using any preservative, artificial colors and readymade masalas available in the market.

The idea behind starting “ChennaiiMenu” is my friends, they laud the taste and aroma of my preparations which are unique and creative. Their support, motivation and encouragement is the key for my transformation to an entrepreneur from a house wife.

We prepare your breakfast from my home kitchen only for limited quantity so as to serve you better in Pune. We prepare our masala in our kitchen from ingredients carefully selected and procured from different parts of south india by our team, to get the taste & quality of our reputed cuisine.

I do understand the pain and stress faced by both working woman and housewives starting the day from sacrificing their breakfast to chase the school bus. Average Woman stress level soars in the morning time, often skipping their breakfast, also compromising the essential nutrients for their loved ones. Please remember eating healthy breakfast can reduce obesity, blood pressure, heart disease & diabetes also improve memory power & concentration.

We offer you a variety of healthy south indian breakfast to Pune people from our cuisine and combo it with essential nutrients and calories. In Pune, We give you a choice to select the breakfast as well as nutrients and calories to fit your diet and stay healthy. In order to serve you better, we suggest you to preorder your healthy breakfast one day in advance. For weekly combo and monthly combo, you can select your menu for each day of your choice. We are shortly planning to start monthly kids meal plan which will offer your kids both breakfast and smart lunch on time, a stress mitigate plan to all the house wives.

Our Motto is “Eat healthy, stay healthy and live strong” .

Our mission statement is : Giving variety in taste, delicious and healthy breakfast to the satisfaction of our customers and continuously improving our standard by taking the feedback and suggestions from our valuable customers’.

In order to serve you better, please don’t hesitate in posting your suggestions and complaints of our products.